Bring Back Big Data Bundles

Monthly mobile data plans of 10GB and more should be the standard, not the exception

Offer Unlimited Mobile Data

Nothing compares to the peace of mind offered by an unlimited usage plan

Encourage Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps should never be charged extra for benefiting our customers


We’re Almost There!

Should we win the upcoming bid to become Singapore’s 4th telco, we have big plans and a different approach we think you’ll love – including a plan for unlimited data.

Please note that MyRepublic has not obtained the IDA Telco licence yet.



  • The offer is subject to MyRepublic being awarded a Singapore mobile licence and MyRepublic shall have no obligation with regards to this offer in the event that MyRepublic does not submit a bid or the Singapore mobile licence is not awarded to MyRepublic.
  • In the event that MyRepublic is awarded a Singapore mobile license, the full details of the mobile data plans will be announced at a future date. MyRepublic reserves the right to make changes to the aforementioned plans.




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